Our Club

Official Affiliation

  • We operate as a QL+ National Program Satellite.

  • QL+ was established to find unique solutions for health problems faced by veterans.

  • We collaborate with individuals in our community who have different disabilities and are looking for unique assitive technologies.

  • Multidisciplinary

  • We accept undergraduate students of any year or major, believing everyone has the chance to improve the quality of life of real people.

  • We use donated lab space in Building 192 (Engineering IV) with various prototyping tools and materials such as 3D printers.

  • We encourage students to work in teams to learn more about the engineering design process.
  • Learn By Doing

  • We offer Quarterly Design Project (QDPs) opportunities for students to gain engineering design experience.

  • We host workshops for students to learn and gain hands-on engineering skills.

  • We seek students with both skill and passion to join our Formal Design Teams via our application process.
  • Make-a-Thon

    On President’s Day weekend this year our student association along with the Medical Design Club, Biomedical Engineering Society, and Engineering World Health, hosted the first Cal Poly Biomedical Make-a-Thon in the QL+ Lab. Over 50 participants worked in teams for 30 hours to design and prototype an affordable prosthetic arm kit that could be sent to developing countries. Below is a clip of teams finishing up their prototypes in the lab about 2 hours before presenting to our judges. The winning team is pictured below.

    QL+ National Program

    The QL+ National Program began

    with inspiration from Vetrans of the United States Armed Forces and expanded through the satellite student association at Cal Poly to serve a variety of people seeking a solution to physical challenges.


    This is the reality for too many Veterans of the United States Armed Forces – those who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. They return home from battle – but the battle has only just begun.

    QL+ engineers develop unique solutions and assistive devices to improve the quality of life of our nation’s wounded warriors. (from qlplus.org)