Cybathlon is an international biotechnology competition for individuals who use power-assisted prosthetic and assistive devices. One of the events at the Cybathlon is the Powered Exoskeleton Race for individuals with spinal cord injuries who use exoskeleton suits to walk and navigate obstacles.

Our goal as a club is to work towards developing an exoskeleton for our challenger, Tamar De Leon (pictured here), that he can use to compete in this competition one day. Tamar is a local student at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo studying business and he was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Despite his challenges, Tamar is very motivated to succeed in life and has become a key part of the team developing this device.

This project is much larger than any we have undertaken in past, so we have broken the team into three groups: Controls, Ankles & Knees, and Hips & Back. This project is open to members of all years and majors who wish to contribute and join one of these groups. To learn more about our Cybathlon initiative, please contact our Cybathlon Executive Officer, Michael Gallagher ([email protected]), or our Cybathlon Operations Officer, Janis Iourovitski ([email protected]).

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